Blogging tip #5: Try Video, it's King

Written by Kevin Grandia

There is a saying in social media geek land that goes something like, "On the internet, content is King, but video rules."

Okay, I might have just made that up, but when you consider that the average person watches an average of 182 online videos a month, I sometimes wonder why I spend any time at all writing blog posts.

There is in fact a lot of reasons why written blog posts are still very valuable for things like search engine prominence and low production costs, but think about how you might be able to integrate some video content into your blog.

It might be something as simple as a tour around your office introducing staff, or if you are in the service industry you can demonstrate to your customers what it is you do. For instance, a plumber could do quick and simple video showing the 5 things to remember when trying to unplug a toilet or a real estate agent could do a tour of home they have listed.

Your video doesn't have to be a Hollywood production and nowadays even the cheapest cameras shoot in high-definition.

Once you've shot a video I would recommend uploading it to Youtube and then copying and pasting the embed code into a blog post.

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