Do The Right Thing

In the age of cynicism, this is a refreshing book of PR tips, tactics and strategies for earning customer trust, employee loyalty, and goodwill among all those who are important to your business.

In the current climate of mistrust people are not just tired of cute advertising and glib PR spin; they are openly hostile. People have grown disillusioned and distrustful—and if people don’t trust you, it is very difficult for them to hear what you are saying.

You can’t buy credibility or invent it overnight. You have to earn it. You have to establish your reputation carefully and over time.

In Do the Right Thing, Jim Hoggan has boiled down the best lessons of an award-winning career into 21 readable and practical tips on how to make yourself understood in a noisy and confusing world, and especially how to gain and maintain public trust.

This is “news you can use,” a collection of easy-access advice outlining techniques have proven “right” for our clients and will work for you in framing your message, courting media coverage, building a good media relationship, communicating in a crisis, planning for crisis management, communicating with investors, using social media to move your message from confrontation to conversation, making the most of every presentation, knowing your audience, recruiting friends and influencing critics, and communicating with your employees.

For those who want to dig deeper into the public relations strategies, Do the Right Thing also includes a series of essays, beginning with some worrying research on how—and how badly—the PR industry has lost the public’s trust.

Do the Right Thing is a book for everyone who cares about his or her reputation, personal or corporate. It’s a guide for every person or company that cares about communicating credibly with a larger audience. The tips, techniques and tactics, developed over three decades, are as useful as effective, and especially, as concise as possible. Time and time again if you want employee loyalty, consumer trust, and a degree of public regard, you have to earn it, nurture it and maintain it.

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PR Tips

Excerpts from Do the Right Thing: PR Tips for a Skeptical Public

New Media Accountability: Expect Less

While nearly all established radio, television and print media bind themselves to an ethical code, "new media" – especially internet blogs – are less predictable. It's partly a question of approach (new media pioneers sometimes pride themselves on being outrageous), and it's partly a question of economics

("old" media have assets and can be sued to good effect; a popular blogger may have nothing more than a short-term contract with an internet service company).

You can't ignore the newcomers; they are already too influential. Just don't make the mistake of expecting the same level of accountability.