Talking Public Discourse with the City of Victoria [VIDEO]

James Hoggan recently had the great opportunity to speak at the City of Victoria’s “Lunch Time Lecture” series. It was an engaging conversation about discourse and the polluted public square with the Mayor and elected city officials. Continue reading

Reconciliation: Creating space for a beginning

“Reconciliation is not something you pick off the shelf. It’s not a gift that one powerful party can offer another. It is the product of a trusting relationship. It doesn’t require agreement — so much is yet to be negotiated — but it demands a degree of understanding. And that foundation of trust and acceptance — of mutual respect — is not, in itself, the happy end point; it is a first, essential step in creating the space in which reconciliation may emerge.”

This is a snippet from a recent piece James Hoggan wrote in the Toronto Star about the faltering reconciliation efforts between the government and First Nations in Canada.

Read the full story in the Toronto Star

Insight on Charlottesville, From Jonathan Haidt

This thoughtful and provoking article from social psychologist Jonathan Haidt offers some crucial perspective on the events that occurred in Virginia and President Trump’s response to them.

Haidt states Trump’s response to Charlottesville was the “gravest act of sacrilege of his presidency.”

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