James Hoggan on CFAX Discussing Empathy and the Polluted Public Square

Jim Hoggan's interview with CFAX discussing his upcoming speech for The Walrus' "The Art of Conversation' national speakers series and his next book, The Polluted Public Square.


Jim will be speaking on Monday, September 16 in Victora at the Belfry Theatre.

For tickets, visit: http://thewalrus.ca/the-walrus-talks-the-art-of-conversation/

James Hoggan is the president of Hoggan & Associates. 

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Haidt on Culture War Rhetoric: Follow the Sacredness

This New York Times op-ed from moral psychologist Jonathan Haidt brilliantly unpacks the political narratives embedded in recent rhetoric from both Democrats and Republicans. Haidt warns that demonizing opponents stirs up tribal reactions that can stand in the way of real solutions.

Haidt's new book, The Righteous Mind: Why Good People Are Divided by Politics and Religion, is now available in stores.  

Jim Hoggan’s Keynote to the International Association of Communicators World Summit [video]

Here is the video of James Hoggan, President of Hoggan & Associates, speaking at the International Association of Communicators World Summit on June 8th, 2010.

The subject of Jim’s speech is, “Building corporate credibility on the environment: A new direction for achieving an age-old goal.”

Would be great to hear what people think. Please leave your comments below.

“You Can’t Spin Mother Nature” – Jim Hoggan at IABC World Conference from Hoggan & Associates on Vimeo.