James Hoggan on CFAX Discussing Empathy and the Polluted Public Square

Jim Hoggan's interview with CFAX discussing his upcoming speech for The Walrus' "The Art of Conversation' national speakers series and his next book, The Polluted Public Square.


Jim will be speaking on Monday, September 16 in Victora at the Belfry Theatre.

For tickets, visit: http://thewalrus.ca/the-walrus-talks-the-art-of-conversation/

James Hoggan is the president of Hoggan & Associates. 

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Hoggan Recommended Read – In Case of Emergency: what not to do

An article in this  Saturday’s edition of the New York Times looks at what not to do when your company is dealing with bad publicity.

It is a great read, but it doesn’t discuss the real lesson in crisis management. More than anything, crisis management is a character test and you get the reputation you deserve.

So when it comes to a crisis, the best advice is to do the right thing, be seen to be doing the right thing and don’t get those two mixed up.