Monday’s Social Media Caffeine Buzz

Here’s what’s hot in social media and online marketing that has us buzzing here at Hoggan this week.

How to use government website information to create sticky linkbait
This is a great column on Search Engine Land about driving valuable traffic that stays on your website by providing government information related to your service and/or product. It is something we do on our blogs and a recommended strategy for our clients. This article has some interesting polling data by Pew to back up this tactic.

Yahoo acquired location-based social network
The battle continues to heat up around location-based social networking channels, with Yahoo buying an Indonesian network called Korpol. This is a sector we’re watching very closely as it continues to grow with the most popular location-based networks in North America being Gowalla and Foursquare.

Design entry pages, not homepages
This article nails it. With the way people share links (i.e. twitter),  seek information (i.e. Google) and filter the information they receive (i.e. RSS feeds), there is less and less traffic visiting your homepage in comparison to the individuals sub-pages on your website.  This is a very important shift that is happening and will have many people reconsidering the traditional models of web design and information architecture.

Murdoch’s next step: hiding the UK Times articles from search engines
I wish Murdoch all the luck in the world with this idea and I am sure he’s thought through the idea that information in the form of news has become a very cheap commodity online. Maybe he has a trick up his sleeve?

Wendy’s frosty gets a social media infusion
Good on Wendy’s, this looks like a very comprehensive summer social media marketing program. Lots of ideas here for any business wondering how social media can be used to promote their product or service.

(p.s. I know this “monday” buzz is coming out on Tuesday, but it was a long weekend here in Canada)

Monday’s Social Media Caffeine Buzz

Let’s get right into what our Social Media team here at Hoggan is reading/thinking/talking about right now.

Foursquare Mayors now get discounts at Starbucks
Why not start of this week’s Buzz with a caffeinated story about my favorite coffee shop. The geo-location social media game/sharing platform Foursquare gets some serious profile after Starbucks announced the Foursquare ‘Mayor” of any location in the US will get $1 off frappacinos until the end of June. The “Mayor” in Foursquare is the person who has updated their status the most times at any given location indexed on the Foursquare platform. Very nice marketing for Starbucks as well, who will definitely reap the benefits of showing how social media savvy they are.

While many remain cynical about the long-term viability of Foursquare and other geo-location social media platforms, they continue to gain headlines. Kind of reminds me of when Twitter first got going.

50 Simple Tips to Better Blogging
My long-awaited blogging guide is now in production. I am rolling it out here on the Hoggan blog as a series of 50 posts that will then indexed into a downloadable e-book. You can follow the series easily by subscribing to our RSS feed or you can check back in a month or so for the entire guide.

Hosting With GoDaddy? Might Want To Rethink That Decision
Do you use Godaddy for any of your web hosting?  A lot of people do, including me. I run a few smaller blogs on the platform while I use a much larger private server that runs on the Amazon cloud for any commercial projects.  Apparently blogs using wordpress on the Godaddy servers are vulnerable to being hacked.  This in-depth article has all you need to know about fixing the issue.

The 8-Step SEO Strategy
I have been following this series over on SEOmoz who I think are the best when it comes to the world of search engine optimization. The series by Laura Lippay provides a good starter kit to anyone looking to build up their companies presence in search engines.

Facebook’s latest privacy woes
Privacy continues to be a huge issue over at Facebook and last week saw the company again making headlines. Last week the company released new privacy guidelines in a handy 5,830 page document and people are not too happy. Like Google, much of the value of Facebook lies in it’s massive database of personal information offered up by its members and the social media giant has never been too good at getting the balance right when it comes to defining what information it does and doesn’t own.

That’s it for this edition of the Buzz. What did we miss? Leave your comment or question below.

Monday’s Social Media Caffeine Buzz

Late start to my Monday, so I’m just getting The Buzz up now.

Blogger tip of the Week: it’s good SEO strategy to try and make sure that the main keywords related to your post are included in the title.

Social Media and Online Marketing  Stories with Buzz:

8  tips for successful social media cause marketing.
Some of my favorite projects have been very cause or activist focused and this article really nails it. Just so happens that it is written by someone who has he own amazing story – Meaghan Edelstein created the very successful blog I Kicked Cancer’s Ass chronicling her struggle with end stage cancer.

I am loving this new Twilk application for Twitter. It’s really simple and free (unless you want to take the ad off for $5). Twilk pulls all of your followers profile pics and mashes them into a collage you can use as a custom background on your twitter account. So this is mine now:

Hallmark Mother’s Day Facebook Wall.
Very cool use of Facebook by Hallmark. Facebook users could post a text/video/photo message for their Mom on a custom-built wall. Reminds me of the Video Wall created last year by the Alliance for Climate Protection.

Evaluating a product called Collactive for a client right now.
Its is a “social media management” platform that says it can help you “connect with thousands of influential individuals” on social media channels. Hmmm… I’ve heard a pitch like this before, we’ll see. Will be hopefully getting a full demo in the next couple of days and I’ll do an article on my evaluation of the product. Anyone used Collactive before?

10 blogs withe explosive growth to learn from.
Great article, by Corbett Barr who picked the brains of some the top bloggers and got some pretty valuable intel. The best piece of advice in the post for me was the simple blogging rules laid out bu Christine Gilbert who runs Almost Fearless, she says that what her audience wants is:

  1. Positivity.
  2. Clean layout and easy-to-scan subtitles.
  3. Topics that are helpful or solve a problem.
  4. A new spin (i.e. don’t be boring).

I think this advice can apply to most audiences out there. Barr’s article also links to a very useful little post on how to find out the number of RSS subscribers a blog has.

How to analyze the popularity of a website.
This is a dead-on list of the quick and easy things you can do to figure out whether a blog is influential in its subject area.