Denial of Facts Is No Way to Understand Science

Originally published on Huffington Post on Dec 7, 2011

On Thursday Dec. 1, Globe and Mail columnist Margaret Wente declared herself a defender of scientific integrity by calling upon the scientific community to replace the “rhetoric” of climate change with open, honest debate.



TckTckTck was a multi-million dollar worldwide campaign that brought together international civil society to call for a fair, ambitious and binding international climate change treaty at the 2009 United Nations Climate Change Conference held in Copenhagen, Denmark.

The Hoggan team developed and online social media marketing and online stakeholder engagement strategy.

During the 5 months of the campaign, TckTckTck and its partners registered 15.5 million names worldwide on an online petition. [+]

Hoggan's Online GPS Social Media and Online Global Positioning Service

Hoggan's Online GPS Social Media and Online Global Positioning Service

There are so many ways for people to find and share information online now, whether its search engines, forums, blogs, social media communities like Facebook and Twitter, news sites, video sites like YouTube, the list is almost endless and your company "lives" somewhere in this complicated tangle of information. [+]

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